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Mechanically Cleaned Strainers

Mechanically Cleaned Strainers and Filters
A cylindrical stainless steel housing (1) contains a filter screen, (2) Unfiltered liquids enter the inlet (3). Solids are deposited on the interior surface of the filtration screen and filtered fluid exits at the outlet (4). The cleaning disc directs the contaminant to the bottom of the housing (6) and out of the flow path (7).
Mechanically cleaned strainers and filters use an internal cleaning disc to physically scrape away material that builds-up on the interior surface of the 316SS strainer cartridge, forcing it to the purge chamber at the bottom of the housing.  Once the time interval, differential pressure or manual actuation is initiated, the flushing valve opens for a few seconds while the cleaning disc is on its downward stroke, purging the concentrated solids out of the filter housing.  Depending upon the model and control options selected, the stroke interval, speed and flushing can all be independently controlled.

There are several advantages to this system:

  • The cleaning disc stroke is adjustable and can therefore frequently remove material from the surface of the strainer cartridge, helping to keep your differential pressure to a minimum without flow interruption.

  • Works equally well for water-like fluids, slurries and viscous fluids that tend to "bridge".

  • The purge volume is relatively low, minimizing product waste.

  • Very few moving parts and wear items equates to long term reliability and low cost of ownership.

The cleaning disc is pneumatically or electrically actuated and we offer designs for both thin and viscous fluids.  The discs themselves are either attached to a moving shaft having dynamic shaft seals or with a patented magnetically coupled design which eliminates external shaft and drive seals.


Estimated systems pricing, actual cost depends upon control system selection and other design factors. Please fill-out our inquiry form or contact us to discuss your application in more detail.


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DCF-400-sm DCF-800-sm DCF-1600-sm DCF-2000 MCF-824-sm DCF-3000-sm MCS-500-sm MULTIPLEX-sm
DCF-400 DCF-800 DCF-1600 DCF-2000 MCF-824 DCF-3000 MCS-500
≤ 20 GPM ≤ 60 GPM ≤ 200 GPM ≤ 200 GPM
High Solids
"white water"
≤ 200 GPM
Hazardous Fluids
≤ 1500 GPM
High Viscosity
≤ 1500 GPM ≤ 12,000 GPM
• Eliminate disposable filter media such • Reduced disposal costs, material loss, labor, exposure and inventory
• Linear down and up cleaning motion • Provides constant low differential pressure
• Uninterrupted product flow during cleaning • Process consistency
• Compact footprint • Retrofits to most existing pipelines
• For use with a wide range of contaminate types, including gels.