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Automatic Strainer and Filtration Systems

Automatic strainers and filters reduce labor costs and product loss associated with manually cleaned pipeline strainers and bag filter systems.  Our website illustrates several different styles of automatic strainers and filter systems; use the navigation tabs above or visit our site map for descriptive links of each webpage.  Following is a summary of the different type of automatic strainers and automatic filters that we offer, linked to more detailed catalog pages.

This is a type of modified simplex strainer, having the drain port connected to the bottom of the strainer basket, enabling "flushing" of retained particles when the drain valve is opened.  The effectiveness of the cleaning is dependent upon the differential pressure of the system compared to the  (presumably) atmospheric pressure of the drain port.  Other factors include the particle characteristics, if they tend to be hard and non-deformable, this strainer design provide a low-cost/tech approach for reducing labor related expenses.  Flushing Strainer Catalog Page.

Automatic back washing strainerBACKWASHING STRAINERS
An automatic backwashing strainer uses some of the fluid already strained to dislodge particulate embedded within the filter element.  This is accomplished by effectively reversing the flow through the element and out the drain port using an internal nozzle assembly which slowly rotates within the element.  Approximately 5% of the flow is used for backwashing the filter element and the duration of the cleaning cycle is typically 3-5 minutes. Backwashing Strainer Catalog Page.

MCS automatic mechincally cleaned strainerMECHANICALLY CLEANED STRAINERS
This type of strainer is used for non-water fluids or for applications where it is important to minimize product loss.  Very often these are used for viscous fluids and other difficult to filter fluids such as paint, wax, and food/beverage applications.  An internal disc wipes the surface of the element, pushing all of the retained particles to the purge chamber.  When the drain valve is opened, the system pressure flushes the particles out the drain.  The cleaning cycle is typically <1 second and the volume of solids/fluid <1 gallon.  The internal stroke frequency and the purging frequency are set with programmable timers. Mechanically Cleaned Strainer and Filter Page.

Tubular backwashing filtration systemTUBULAR BACKWASHING FILTER SYSTEMS
Strainer systems are generally used for particle retentions as fine as 100 mesh (150 microns), with some exceptions.  Filter systems are designed to retain particles as small as 1 micron.  Tubular backwashing filter systems temporarily reverse the flow through the filter element, backwashing and dislodging embedded particulate.  When continuous flow is required, the filter system will consist of multiple chambers, ensuring that a minimum flow and a constant discharge pressure is maintained during the cleaning cycle. Tubular Backwashing Filter System Page.


For high capacity and high viscosity applications we can install several strainer or filter housings in series, having a common inlet, outlet and drain manifold. This approach helps ensure a consistent pressure and can be designed to support future expansion.